MAMFT 2017 Annual Conference

Attachment, Trauma, and Working with Families

March 10, 2017
Wellesley College Club
Wellesley, MA

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
6 CEUs available

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Featuring Dr. Dan Hughes


The morning will feature Dr. Dan Hughes presenting on
Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy: An Attachment-Focused Treatment for Developmental Trauma.

The afternoon schedule includes a continuation of Dr. Hughes’s presentation
plus the choice of breakout sessions presented by MAMFT members.
Afternoon workshops are broken into two sessions

Afternoon Session A:

Developing the Affective-Reflective Dialogue — Dan Hughes, PhD
The function of therapeutic dialogue is both to create safety as well as develop new learning.
The affective and reflective components of the dialogue developed in DDP
is presented including ways of facilitating the child’s ability to engage in such dialogues
through interventions of “talking for” and “talking about” the child,
both of value in increasing his reflective functioning and their ability to communicate their inner life.

From Stuck to Securely Bonded:
A Demonstration of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy in Action — Jill Fischer, LICSW, with colleagues Amy Goldfarb, LICSW, Ron Goldman, EdD, and Rebecca Clark, LMFT

This workshop will offer a creative way to see Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy in action.
The steps and stages of EFT will be introduced by watching a clip from a popular film
and then observing how EFT would be applied through a role-play using EFT with the couple.
Simultaneously, behind each member in the role-play (therapist and each member of the couple),
there will be a parallel enactment of the underlying (unseen) emotional experience of the individuals in these roles.

Trauma and the “Care of Self and Use of Self” — Donald Paine, LICSW, D.Min
The presenter will explore basic assumptions of Internal Family Systems
and model how IFS can work with emotional and body trauma.
Conclusions that access the principles of IFS to assist the therapist in the “care of Self and the use of self” will be framed.
A video of work with the traumatized population of refugees from Jordan and Syria will be presented.
The workshop will be didactic, experiential, narrative, and reflective followed by Q&A and conclusions.

Afternoon Session B:

Positive Parenting: A Solution Focused Relational Approach to Family Therapy — Anna Svetchnikov, LMFT
The impact of the strength based relational approach with parenting specifically addresses behavioral issues
while offering practical support to parents in addressing immediate needs and concerns (short-term goals)
and providing support on how to achieve long-term transformative goals.
The goal of this training is to empower parents through education
to help them better understand the motivations behind their children’s behaviors.

Trauma, Attachment, and Narrative Therapy Practice — Stephen Gaddis, LMFT, PhD
Steve will be showing how trauma can be understood from a narrative therapy perspective.
He will provide a brief overview of the narrative worldview
and show a detailed practice example to illustrate narrative ideas in practice.
Additionally, Steve will describe how attachment ideas might be understood from a narrative therapy perspective.
He will describe his perspective on the link between narrative practice and family therapy.

Family Therapy from 4 Perspectives: The Family, the Therapist, the Team, and You, the Audience —
Marjorie Roberts, PhD, with Bill Blaine-Wallace, PhD, Cheryl Schilling, LMFT, Virginie Kamuene,
and Kristy Harrington

The workshop provides 4 views of family therapy when a reflecting/ training team is present:
1) the family’s view is provided through video interviews;
2) the team/trainees present their ideas about the treatment and training model;
3) the clinician/trainer discusses the efficacy and usefulness of the approach for family therapy as well as training;
4) workshop participants are invited into small groups to experience and reflect on the usefulness of the model for family therapy.

Attachment, Trauma, and Working with Families

AAMFT/MAMFT Members: $159
Students and Preclinical Members: $99
Nonmembers: $219
Student and Preclinical Nonmembers (no CEUs): $129

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