Why Choose a Marriage and Family Therapist?


1381325_600803629976835_1369851272_nIt can be overwhelming to look for the right therapist. After all, most counselors treat a diversity of problems, including depression, anxiety, substance use, and trauma-related stress. How can you narrow your options and find the right choice for you?

Marriage and family therapists differ from other types of counselors because we understand that our struggles manifest themselves in relationships. Perhaps the anxiety that you feel before you leave for work is connected to unrelated expectations at home or in the workplace. Or, perhaps the anxiety you feel shows itself most in your interactions with your loved ones, convincing you to overprotect your children or criticize and blame your partner. Perhaps the sadness and lethargy that you feel is due to the absence of relationships and difficulties with trusting other people.

Marriage and family therapists are experts in working with relationships–both relationships with loved ones and with our personal anxieties. A marriage and family therapist will seldom focus solely on the problems of your life, but rather the process surrounding the problem. As a result, individuals, couples, and families who work with marriage and family therapists experience improved communication skills, increased amounts of assertiveness, increased amounts of empathy and compassion for self and others, and higher levels of self-confidence.

Marriage and family therapists work with numerous age groups, from young children and adolescents to elderly individuals and couples. Marriage and family therapists also provide unique services to military members and families, racial and sexual minority populations, blended families, and those with physical disabilities.

Marriage and family therapists also take a holistic approach to health care. We are concerned with the overall, long-term well-being of individuals and their families. We understand that problems can build and maintain throughout multiple generations, and help individuals and families create new processes of interaction that work for their context.

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