Becoming a AAMFT-Approved Supervisor

aamftLogoApproved supervisors guide and monitor the progress of new MFTs in Massachusetts. Though some of our newest MFTs receive supervision through their agencies and other places of employment, many do not. Many newer therapists do not receive supervision from a systems theory perspective. You have an opportunity to help newer therapists continue their education of becoming qualified, successful marriage and family therapists.

In order to become an approved supervisor, you must complete a 30-hour course in the fundamentals of family therapy supervision, provide 180 hours of clinical supervision to MFT trainees, and receive at least 36 hours of mentoring from a current AAMFT Approved Supervisor. Marriage and family therapists who wish to become a AAMFT Approved Supervisor must identify and contract with an Approved Supervisor at the beginning of their training, have supervision sessions observed (“supervision of supervision”), and complete a Theory of Supervision statement.Supervision

Once these requirements have been met, AAMFT will conduct a thorough review of the application to ensure that all requirements have been met and, if so, will award the Approved Supervisor designation to the supervisor candidate.

Please review the Approved Supervisor Designation Standards and Responsibilities Handbook before beginning the training process.

The AAMFT website provides a thorough breakdown of the process of becoming a supervisor. The MAMFT website provides a list of already approved supervisors in Massachusetts that can provide supervision mentoring.