2018 MAMFT Annual Conference

Stepping Stones:
Systemic Approaches
with Families in Transition

Friday, April 6, 2018
Wellesley College Club
Wellesley, MA

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
6 CEUs available



Jay Haley suggests that behavioral problems are indicators that a family is stuck in a developmental stage. Healing happens by helping families transition to a stage that representative of the developmental needs and goals of each of the members.

Dr. Patricia Papernow

This year, at the MAMFT Annual Conference, Dr. Patricia Papernow will train therapists on how to work with some of the most complex family structures: Stepfamilies.

For both adults and for children of all ages, becoming part of a stepfamily can be confusing, overwhelming, and dysregulating. Stepcouples often feel thrilled to have found each other, but very soon find themselves facing “resistant” children, conflicts around discipline, and ongoing issues with ex-spouses, not to mention differences over everything from what constitutes an “expensive” pair of sneakers to how birthdays should be celebrated.

Dr. Papernow will introduce a three-level model for clinical intervention: Psychoeducational (what’s normal, what works and what doesn’t), interpersonal (tools for creating understanding and building secure attachment in the face of stepfamily challenges), and intrapsychic (healing old bruises that drive reactivity). Whether you work with couples or families or individuals, with adults or with children or with both, this plenary will give you a map and practical pointers navigating this complex territory.

In the afternoon, Dr. Papernow will present a “tool box” of practices to use that can effectively shape stepcouple and parent-child relationships.

Patricia Papernow is an internationally recognized expert on stepfamilies. She integrates a deep understanding of the research with four decades of clinical practice and a wide variety of modalities and theoretical models.  She has written two of the classic books in the field as well as numerous articles, book chapters, and guest blogs. She is known as a highly engaging teacher, an excellent speaker, and an attuned and caring clinician and supervisor.  She recently received the award for Distinguished Contribution to Family Psychology from APA’s Couple and Family Psychology Division.  Dr. Papernow is a psychologist in private practice in Hudson, MA, and Director of the Institute for Stepfamily Education.

Five other therapists will present afternoon workshops on helping clients work through transitions of various types and stages.

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AAMFT/MAMFT Members: $159
Students and Preclinical Members: $99
Nonmembers: $219
Student and Preclinical Nonmembers (no CEUs): $129