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The muse to a great life is out there, and the family needs to develop a collective faith to be inspired by it.

Stress Management

Rough patches in a family are caused by the gradual growth of friction between the members. We help to fight the resulting stresses.


Joy isn’t far away when you know where to look for it. We can show you the right path to a happy family.


Escape into the dark space with growing tranquility as you meditate to improve yourself as a human being and a partner.

Brain Health

Only when you develop better brain health can you help yourself maintain the sanity to lead a family.


Salvaging relationships is important if cracks have been formed over time. Our help can bring the change you yearn for.

About Us

No relationship can go on for long unless there is an understanding between the two partners. We guide you through the hard times to the light at the end of the tunnel.




  • If you are looking for peace and companionship in life, they can help you glue the breaking relationships. Each stage of counseling has been so special that life was reformed in the process, helping us be less myopic.

    Judith J Trussell

Our Therapies

We are offering multiple therapy sessions and counseling sessions to extricate you from the rabbit hole.

Marriage Counselling

Saving a marriage is not always easy, but we can take you through the happy days again through therapy.

Family Counselling

When every relationship in a family is weak, there needs proper reinforcement, which we offer at its best.

Experiential Therapy

Express yourself through the activities we provide you with. Let it out to reinvent the concept of a happy relationship.

From Our Blog

What Is Family Therapy? + 3 Techniques & Interventions


Life only becomes better when everyone around you supports the activities you indulge in. We take our first breath with a family around and the last breath with a different set of members bidding us goodbye. The whole concept of childhood to parenting can be learned only through the various stages of life. Be it with a foster family or adopted parents; every heartbeat becomes meaningful only when you have the right people around you. Our family affects the person we shape ourselves into. It is always what we experience at home that reflects in our actions.

Everything from the basics of a language to the essential elements in a relationship is learned from home. As long as you are born into a healthy family, the chances for you to grow up as a troubled soul are less. It is quite unfortunate for people to be born into dysfunctional families. But since there is help for such kids, you can contact the nearest support group when in need. Here is a short tour through the various dimensions of family therapy, which you can learn to save your family or salvage your dear ones’ families.

What is Family Therapy?

It is one form of treatment that helps address the issues within a family. When a family is going through a difficult time, this therapy could help them overcome all the encumberments to a happy life. Major transitions and behavioral problems in the family members can also be treated through these sessions. Individual problems are being considered in a larger unit to help not just that one person but also the family as a whole. Many people have misconceived this form of therapy to be effective only in cases of a broken marriage. The dynamics of a group can be repaired to the extent of being highly active. Techniques used in the therapy will depend on the specific problems, but they almost always include behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, and interpersonal therapy.

Emotional problems in kids are often treated with therapy. While parents are keen on providing the best for their children, they conveniently gloss over the aspects that lead to such breaking moments. ‘Family’ doesn’t necessarily have to be blood relatives; if an individual considers another person highly, he/she could bring the necessary change in the other person with the support of therapy.


3 Exercises for Effective Treatment

1.      The Miracle Question

This is the session that helps an individual envisage and explore the potential of every member of the family to contribute to a better future. The Miracle Question is a way to guide the client in their journey of probing their desires.

2.      Colored Candy Go Around

The colored candies in this session make for the perfect icebreakers in a family. It is a great way to start communication between the members of the group.


3.      Emotions Ball

This is more like a game than a therapy session, helping the people to blend into the moment. When a person on the table catches a ball, he/she has to describe a time when they experienced the extremity of the emotion on the ball.

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